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Borneo Heritage Mini Nelly Tote


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The “Nelly” tote is crafted by indigenous women from their homes in Sarawak, Borneo. Handwoven from cargo packing strips into heritage patterns, the tote is durable, easy to clean… and delightful.

“Nelly” is fun, compact and perfectly sized to hold your daily essentials or for weekend errands.

Out of stock

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  • Handwoven from plastic cargo strapping
  • Open-topped
  • Unlined interior
  • Color — violet

  • Made in Malaysia

  • Traditional weaving techniques & heritage patterns of the indigenous people of Sarawak are used to make “Nelly” totes. Instead of natural fibers, cargo strapping is used because rattan has been over-harvested and the growing & prepping of rattan take too long. This ‘plastic’ substitute offers a quicker turnaround, a more viable way for these women to earn an income while preserving their craft.
  • You are buying a handcrafted product — the beauty of natural imperfections, inconsistencies and subtle pattern, color or size variations are what make each piece charming and one-of-a-kind.


H 8.3” + 5.5” handlesH 21 cm + 14 cm handles
W 8.3”W 21 cm
D 3.5”D 9 cm


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