Mah Meri Heritage Betel Nut Pouch

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Mah Meri Heritage Betel Nut Pouch


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The “Betel Nut” pouch is intricately handwoven from mengkuang leaves by the Mah Meri, who is one of 19 indigenous groups of Peninsular Malaysia (MAH means “people”, MERI means “forest”).

Traditionally used to store betel nuts, this mengkuang pouch—or “bujam lipo”—is perfect for holding cash, keys, glasses or cosmetics in your handbag. It makes a stylish smartphone case too.

Out of stock

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  • Outer casing & slide-on cap are finely handwoven from dyed mengkuang leaves

  • Inner casing is in a larger undyed weave

  • Corners are reinforced with recycled leather scraps

  • Colors — rainbow weaves of pink/aqua/chartreuse
  • Made in Malaysia

  • Mengkuang, commonly called screw pine, is a large Pandanus shrub that grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. Mengkuang leaves are harvested by the Mah Meri, and then cut into strips, dyed and dried. This elaborate 11-step process is observed before the mengkuang strips are handwoven. A bujam lipo (mengkuang pouch) takes about three days to make.
  • You are buying a handcrafted product — the beauty of natural imperfections, inconsistencies and subtle pattern, color or size variations are what make each piece charming and one-of-a-kind.


H 5.9”H 15 cm
W 4.1”W 10.5 cm
D 0.8”D 2 cm
WT 1.1 ozWT 32 g


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