If  you want to conquer the world, you best have Dragons.

George R. R. Martin

The Year of the Dragon ushers in a brand new set of energies not just for the year but for the next two decades.  With the changing of the calendar, we have now entered a new period that will last for the next twenty years.  As you can see, it’s pretty significant.

For now, though, I want you to know what to expect in the year ahead.

  • This is the Year of the Dragon

The last time we had a Wood Dragon year was in 1964.  The wood energy of the dragon flying into the center sector means we could see more tumult that ranges from wars and fighting to earthquakes.

The dragon promotes health, growth and vigorous energy.

Dragons are the favored animals in feng shui and in Asia.  The dragon represents the pinnacle of good fortune, power, and health.

Having an image of a dragon in the east corner of your home, living room, and garden are excellent ways to foster growth and energy in your home and life this year.

Do make sure that dragons are not placed in a bedroom because they’re too energetic and may keep you from sleeping well and they should never be placed in a bathroom.

This year dragons are most auspicious in the east sector and bring prestige and energy that is fortunate and favored for growth, opportunity, and to benefit the family, and more specifically, the oldest son.

  • The Oldest Son Advances

The oldest son is representative of the 3 star, the reigning star of 2024, and with its prominence in the center sector, the son will see new activities and more growth this year.

If your oldest son is a teen or toddler, the 3 star could promote extra energy that makes him more irascible.  Just keep your calm and put your remedies in place.

Indeed, many families will see growth, especially if they can foster harmony and good relations, and put the appropriate remedies for the 3 star to work.  This may be tricky because the 3 star is often seen as the argument and legal star.  Fortunately, it only takes red color to help hold down the 3’s energy.

This year, it’s possible more families may undergo difficulties or have legal disputes within the family.

This can happen through inheritance, divorce, restraining orders, child support and custody issues.  Paying close to the remedies and not inviting trouble will help you manage the year ahead and build on the opportunity to grow with the 3 star.

  • The Best Luck Corners of the House in 2024

This year the corners with the best energies include the north, northeast, east, southwest, and northwest.

Table of energies for the Year of the Dragon showing the corners where the energies fly for 2024.

The corners have the most auspicious energies so if your bedroom or front door is located here, you are fortunate indeed and these energies will work harder for your benefit.

Always read about the benefits of the various stars, especially the 1, 8, 4, 6, and 9.  You can learn more about the fortune energies here.

  • The New Period 9 and Prosperity Star

The 9 star is the new water and mountain star and star of prosperity once we move past the annual feng shui date of February 4, 2024.

After this, the 9 takes on new meaning in house charts and annual flying stars, but most especially in the natal home flying star charts.  This is when this star becomes the most fortunate of them all, especially when they are together as the mountain and water star.

  • The Difficult Luck Corners in 2024

In 2024, the corners with the most difficulty luck are the southeast, center, south, and west.  With the 5 Yellow moving to the west corner of children, pay close attention to this affliction if you have children in the house or breathing difficulties.  The west is the direction of the lungs so there could be problems with respiratory infections, flu, COVID, RSV, etc.

If you have a bedroom or front door located here, pay close attention to the remedies required to manage these afflictions, especially if these corners are your front door, bedroom, or living areas.  You can learn more about afflictions here.

  • The Wealth Corners in the Year of the Dragon

Wherever the White 1 Star, the 9 Purple Prosperity Star, the 8 Wealth Star, the 6 Heavenly Fortune star flies is where you can find fortune and favor.

It’s especially helpful if these corners correspond to corners that are frequently used, such as the front door, bedroom, home office, or living room.  Even having a window in these corners is beneficial as you can open it and let the wealth and fortune chi into the house.

  • This is the Year when the Waiting Ends

The year comes in like a dragon — full of growth and opportunity.  And, like a dragon, there is some bluster and big energy, just like you would expect from a dragon.

If you’ve felt like your head has been underwater and that you have been stuck and stagnant, the dragon is going to help you blast out of that rut with some real energy and enthusiasm.

  • How Can You Really Get Ahead in 2024?

Take the time to understand your house so that you know exactly where each corner is located and you can take advantage of all the wonderful energies that are headed our way in 2024.

You’ll also be able to know where the problem areas are and how to manage them so that the Year of the Dragon can be one of your best.  To learn more, be sure to check out my 2024 Year of the Dragon Success Pack so you can find out what is in store for your home, your bedroom, and your zodiac sign in 2024.

CREDIT:  Photos from Katie Weber

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