Muladhara — The Root Chakra

Our root chakra is the energy root of our earthly existence.  This chakra is located at the base of our consciousness and the base of our pelvic area.  The energy here moves with the pre-conscious energy of our instincts for survival, security, and basic reproduction.

When healed and connected, this foundational chakra allows us to live a more enlightened physical experience and co-create the reality we deeply desire.

But here is also the seat of the core wound of Rejection.  This core wound gets activated in utero and develops through birth and the first year or so of life.  We will then spend the rest of our lives trying to cope and compensate for any early traumatic experiences encoded here.  Even if the trauma is partial or very minimal, it will still result in a part of ourselves that feels separate from an essential source of love.

  • The Core Wound of the root chakra is Rejection
  • The Primary Emotion is Fear

  • The Divine State of this chakra is a combination of (earthly) Trust & Abundance

If we feel deeply disapproved of as tender fetuses, infants and children, we will shrink away from our original wholeness and learn to mistrust life.  We will learn to disapprove of certain parts of ourselves and those parts in others.

This is the birth of judgment, criticism, and conformity.  The inner conflict gives rise to the formation of social cliques and warring tribes due to our desperate need to belong to one group by rejecting others.

While there is a healthy, primal fear that can help us stay physically alive, the deeper psychological fear due to this wound can cause us to live in a perpetual fight, flight, and freeze mode even when it’s not necessary or appropriate.  We will be forever confused by the need to reject others in order to feel we belong somewhere else.  In pain and fear, we learn to shun and reject in order to feel secure.

But when healed, we begin to experience a full spectrum of love at the level of the root chakra resulting in deep feelings of connectedness and security.  We experience a sense of enough, even of plenty.  We not only have, but we also feel we have all the shelter, safety, nourishment, and everything else we need for survival which gives us a feeling of thriving in deep joy and satisfaction.

In most of the world, money is the symbolic energy for surviving and thriving.  We use money for many of our physical reality experiences, our exchanges of needs and desires.  Our core wounds and our ability or inability to access the Divine States will determine our relationship to the symbol of money and all it represents.

And as we heal into the Divine States of Trust and Abundance, our internal energy shifts in ways that we more easily magnetize and manifest the outer forms of abundance.  When this is aligned with the Divine States in all the other chakras, we thrive in healthy, balanced ways.  Greed and exploitation take over when the root chakra is way more developed than the other chakras.

As the world, education, and the economy undergo drastic changes, healing the rejection wound and all the core wounds — (stay tuned for future articles) — is a huge contribution we can make personally to this global change.  When we learn to trust in ultimate abundance, we can flourish in our own nature as part of the grace of all of nature.

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CREDIT:  Photos from Jacyntha Kamor

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