Using an Ancient Craft to create Change…


The Curved Lines And Rounded Shape Of These Bowls Are Juxtaposed Against Their Almost Ancient Aesthetic.

In the rural West Nile area of Northern Uganda, you will find the village of Akiliba, home to our artisan partners who are determined to use pottery as a way to support their entire community.

These beautiful creations are handbuilt using locally sourced clay, and then stacked into a brush-covered mound for firing.

Decorative, textured earthenware with a rustic burnt finish.  These beautiful one-of-a-kind creations are handmade in Uganda using natural clay and fired in open flame.


Using Their Ancient Craft To Create Change.

Independence is as critical for these artisans as the preservation of their ancient craft.

Naima, one of the village elders passionately summarizes this sentiment — “We want to get out of poverty and be able to feed ourselves and put our children through school.”

Akiliba pottery… a celebration of slow design and artisan craft.


Working Directly With The Village To Help Expand Their Business.

In the past, the potters’ remote location and lack of transportation left these talented artisans struggling to reach larger markets in the area.

Now, through our partnership with the village, we have been able to help them travel to these markets, enabling the community to grow a sustainable local source of income.

Perfectly imperfect vessels that will bring a touch of the wabi-sabi aesthetic into your space.

CREDITS:  Photos courtesy of Obakki

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