Inspired by the romantic imagery of far-off lands bathed in tropical warmth and sultry settings… Nusantara Collection embraces the exotic with its name and concept.




The word Nusantara is rooted in Old Javanese, and means “archipelago”—from NUSA “island” + ANTARA “within”.  It is also said to originate from DVIPANTARA, which is 13th century Sanskrit for “islands in between”.

1855 Colton Map of the East Indies

1855 Colton Map of the East Indies covering most of the Nusantara region

From ancient times to modern day, the concept of Nusantara has shifted to suit different historical and geopolitical contexts. Nusantara covers the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and expands to Madagascar, the Christmas Islands and the Hawaiian islands.

Geographical extensions notwithstanding, the idea of Nusantara encompasses the extensive regional history where traders ply the route from the days of yore, bearing goods and religious exchanges.

From the looming Buddhist & Hindu homage in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and Jogjakarta’s Borobudor to the delicate potpourri of Chinese, Indian and Islamic elements found in the arts and cuisine—together with Portuguese, Dutch, English, Spanish, French and American influences—Nusantara is a region enriched from centuries of practising a unique philosophy described as ‘syncretic’ in her global marriage and subsequently bears this in her embrace of life.

Suffused by these diverse elements, Nusantara Collection seeks to showcase our anthology of contemporary pieces distinctive of the region, our gateway awaiting the world’s embrace.

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AZLINA ALI accidentally ventured into the world of journalism in 1988 when her law books lost their appeal. Her writing career included The New Straits Times, one of Malaysia’s oldest & largest newspaper publishers, and a 5-year stint at Her World, a bestselling women’s magazine in Southeast Asia. In 1994, Azlina moved to Miami and then Dubai, where she wrote for various media. She’s now back in Malaysia… and continues to captivate us with her enchanting stories.


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