Rituals are the formulas by which Harmony is restored.

Terry Tempest Williams

Rituals provide a sense of order, structure & consonance in an otherwise frenzied and fractured world.  Rituals bring meaning into our lives.  They ground us… and they grant us a more graceful way to navigate life’s complexities.

Calming rituals are an important part of self-care.  Performed mindfully & consistently, they create the much-needed pauses in our lives… precious moments of stillness for us to connect with our inner being, and restore harmony.

Perhaps the most profound aspect of rituals is their power to transform the mundane into the extraordinary — a way for us to acknowledge and celebrate the little things in life.  And our collection — of slow-made, artisan-crafted pieces — are accoutrements you can use to infuse your rituals of calm with elements of beauty…

quiet your mind

Leave the noisy world behind… create your own oasis of calm and tranquility.  Relax into the calming scent of sandalwood… and let the gentle glow of candlelight draw you inward…

wash all your cares away

Transform bathing into a liberating ritual…  releasing everything that is not yours to carry as you go through your cleansing routine.  Complete the ritual by anointing your body with luscious oils, lotions, scents…

wrap up & relax

Wear something loose-fitting, something pretty to honor the sacred moment…  repose on your favorite cushions…  add a throw to keep the chills at bay.  Get comfortable…  put your feet up… and relax…

savour the stillness

As we savor our moments of stillness, it draws us away from the past, the future and the madding crowd… so we can engage fully with the present.  We can now pause and “smell the roses”…  relish each sip of fragrant tea… appreciate the details in a piece of artwork or ornament…

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