In the first part of the meditation, we are impressed to be more present to “seeing” the elephant in our room. And this requires us to slowly join the dots that make up our current external realities. And with each dot joined we see a slightly bigger picture and eventually, the beginnings of a roadmap appear.

We learn to weigh verifiable evidence from observations of our relative outside World. Although our World may appear Kafkaesque and we will experience cognitive dissonance every time a dot is joined, these are important first steps. This is because to the extent we are unable to do that, to the same extent we are living within a bubble divorced from our “reality”. And it is only from that space of “realities” — that point where our inner & outer realities converge — can meaningful action and decisions be made that can change the quality of our life. Ergo we learn to separate what is “knowable” from what is “noise and chatter”.

In the process, there will be many times that the “brackets” we have built in the first part of the meditation will be broken again and again. Over time we learn how to hold those brackets and the noise recedes and a roadmap to possible solutions to our external reality appears.

What has really happened here is we have programmed our mind to “SEARCH” for the way out from our current dissatisfied “reality”. But only now do we have the benefit of many more perspectives unavailable before from the dots we managed to join.

Meditation in the Eye of the Storm {Part 2}.

At the point we begin to see a “roadmap” most of us will hit another wall. Only this time it’s one we cannot “think and reason” our way out. The reason for this is that this new “roadblock” emanates from our past traumas/inner child issues and is buried deep in the many layers of our subconscious. So in the second part of the meditation, we can only feel those uncomfortable feelings and the answers come in the form of epiphanies for the subconscious will only release the answers we are “searching” for in the first part of “joining the dots” when we are ready.

In so much as we learn empathy from the first part of the meditation as we begin to see other perspectives, we learn patience in the second part for epiphanies cannot be rushed.

This meditation in its two parts paradoxically addresses both our outer and inner realities. And only when both realities begin to converge do the conflicts end. Ergo when we begin to see our place and role in our World and achieve some measure of balance in financial security AND our World becomes a little less Kafkaesque. Only from this point do the Gordian knots slowly begin to unravel. I realize this is a lot to digest but if you think what I’ve said so far is relatable I would like to welcome you to join my forum below.

The Spiritual Realist in Business forum is where I would like to expand this discussion and explain why I think M Scott Peck really hit the nail on the head when he postulated the idea of building a Community in business.

Side note: I realize that the views presented in the Meditation in the Eye of the Storm series are left field. The popular view is that Business belongs to the world of mental acrobatics devoid of ’emotions’ …and Spirituality resides in the world of ‘calm emotions’ where thinking and reasoning are anathema. And I’m submitting the paradoxical view that it’s actually the connections between both our external and internal realities that true awakening takes place.

Thank you for your time here with me.


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RAYMOND SIEW documents his journey in exploring M Scott Peck’s seminal works—“Community Building in Business”—in his Walking The Road Less Traveled blog.  When he’s not immersed in business development for EMasters and her suite of partnerships & assets, Raymond enjoys a good game of bridge.


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