Symbols to build your Feng Shui energy at work, at home, and in yourself for more opportunities, financial advantage & happiness.

Creating good feng shui that promotes wealth, happiness, and opportunities can extend way beyond your front door or the way you arrange your bedroom.  Feng shui can be incorporated in the accessories in your home to the car and clothing colors you select.

Once I began making feng shui my lifestyle, I noticed that making those choices made more of a positive impact.

Now, I live feng shui.

This means I choose colors that are complementary in feng shui and work to incorporate all the elements of fire, water, metal, wood, and earth in what I wear and surround myself with.  That’s because when you compound and build vital, harmonious energy, or chi, YOU are imbued with this beneficial energy.

When you are more thoughtful and intentional about your habits, your décor, and your personal feng shui, you begin to attract and compound energy—which builds just like money—and it attracts money too!

Use these symbols to build your feng shui energy at work, at home, and in yourself for more opportunities, financial advantage, and happiness.

  • The regal phoenix

The mythical phoenix is a bird of opportunity.  Displaying this majestic bird brings opportunities for business, socializing, and love.  It is the perfect symbol when times are tough because of its rising from the ashes mythology.

You can simulate the bird by placing a stone in front of the house that represents a small footstool.  The stone should look appropriate in the landscape and should be about two feet wide.  Indoors, display pictures of peacocks or other birds with bright plumage to stimulate your life for more success and recognition.

  • Pair black and green colors

Green is the color of growth and the southeast wealth sector.  Black is the color of water, and that is the color of wealth in feng shui.

When you want to stimulate business or personal growth, wear black and green colors, such as a black suit with a green shirt.  It’s a smart look that’s harmonious for advancing your business and financial opportunities.

  • Use symbols for personal protection

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world who are envious and who do not want others to succeed.  Their negative thoughts can be very powerful and difficult to counteract.  Many countries use the protective eye to symbolize staring back at any negative energies.

That symbol is used to protect against anyone who aims their negative thoughts at you.  Carry an evil eye keychain or hang an evil eye banner to ward off this kind of negative energy.

Older Asian women will sometimes wear the double fish to guard against their husband’s affections wandering to a younger woman.

Select a protective amulet or symbol that is meaningful for you.

Wear protective amulets, such as a pi yao, if you’re subjected to politicking or have to sit with your back to the Three Killings or if your front door, bedroom, or office is located in the Three Killings direction for the year.

  • Wear feng shui jewelry

Auspicious jewelry with precious gems, gold, and silver are all ways to enhance your personal prosperity energy.  Real gold, silver, and platinum is also protective.  Gemstones and semi-precious stones are always auspicious to wear.

Pearls are associated with the moon, intelligence, and good fortune. Wearing them is considered to bring great fortune to you and to promote feminine beauty.

  • The mighty horse brings recognition

Horses are symbols of fire, recognition, fame  —  and the spoils of victory.  Horses activate the energy of the south sector and bring wonderful recognition energy.  It will bring you to the attention of the people who can help you move ahead in your career.

When the horse is especially beautiful and regally adorned it is called a tribute horse.  This is associated with horses presented to victors laden with precious gems and other beautiful items by those who were conquered.

The horse is especially prized for promoting upward movement and personal promotion.  Place a statue of victory horses atop your desk to attract career fame.

  • The Wealth Buddha

The large smiling Buddha seen in Chinese restaurants is commonly thought of as the Buddha of Wealth and is there to bring good business and financial success to the establishment.

Business people should place a Buddha on their desks or in their offices to help them bring abundance to the workplace.  Look for fat, happy Buddhas who carry a large bag, or who sit upon gold ingots, coins, and other wealth objects to represent a big sack of money!

  • Peacock feathers protect

Worried about violence, break-ins, or robbery?  If the annual 7 star is at your front door, you need to be more cautious.  Placing a vase of peacock feathers will help to protect your home.

If you park in a questionable area of town, then placing peacock feathers in your car will not only protect you from break-ins but will also protect against car accidents.

  • Red jumpstarts everything

When you wear dark colors or decorate in neutral colors, the effect can be beautiful but often lifeless. Adding the color red to a black dress or a beige bedroom will add enough “wow” to go from stagnant to vibrant instantly.

Red, when worn on the wrist, makes you more productive, clear-headed, and able to make good decisions.  That’s because the wrist and hand are associated with the northeast earth sector and it is enhanced by fire and the color red.

Low energy?  Wear red undies!  Need to get moving?  Wear red shoes.

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