There are precious creative Jewels inside our bodies.

These intimate, embodied jewels are the seven primary Chakras.

Just like water, galaxies and weather patterns all swirl in vortexes, so does our own subtle body’s energy spiral in vortexes when flowing in healthy, fully activated ways.

We actually have many various-sized vortexes of swirling energy in and around our body.  And just like our lungs inhale and exhale air from and into our environment, so too our chakras receive and transmit energy.

We can experience our chakras when we tune into the subtle inner sensations of our emotions, desires, our motivation, intuition and many aspects of our creativity.  It’s primarily through our chakras that we feel, express, and process life experiences.

Chakras are prismatic, in that we can approach their discovery and healing in many ways.  This particular approach focuses on transforming “core wounds” to reveal the inherent “divine state” of each chakra.  With a new perception and powerful practices, deep trauma patterns, outworn defenses, and states of suffering can become great inner resources, the foundations of wisdom and our life purpose.

In this model, “core wounds” refer to the early traumas that are awakened in our lives, crossing over from past lives, and that cause us a deep, existential angst.  We then usually spend our lives trying to cope, manage, and defend against this pain in various ways, sometimes causing more complicated issues.  The themes of our core wounds tend to repeat until they are resolved.  We believe this to be our identity and can even be convinced that the reality we are manifesting is fixed, that our circumstances are unchangeable.

Fortunately, this is not true.  When we learn to identify our core wounds — then learn specific skills and techniques to transform and release these deep patterns — we begin to live from the inherent divine states of our chakras.  From here, we begin to actively direct our lives and create our reality from this pure and powerful core energy.

These seven primary Core Wounds and their corresponding Chakras are…

  • The Rejection Wound lives in the Root Chakra — primary emotion: fear

  • The Abandonment Wound lives in the Sacral Chakra — primary emotion: grief

  • The Humiliation Wound lives in the Solar Plexus Chakra — primary emotion: shame

  • The Betrayal Wound lives in the Heart Chakra — primary emotion: rage

  • The Injustice Wound lives in the Throat Chakra — primary emotion: guilt

  • The Ignorance/Confusion Wound lives in the Third Eye Chakra — primary emotion: confusion

  • The Doubt/Disconnection Wound lives in the Crown Chakra — primary emotion: doubt

Depending on the severity of our core wounds, they can more or less eclipse the divine state of each chakra, and cover our true soul essence.

But our core wounds are never “bad.”  Trauma patterns and ego defenses are simply part of our great human adventure.  This is all part of our amazing and unique life story and our path of evolution.  We get to learn life’s wondrous lessons as we develop the capacity to master our own healing and grow into our full, brilliant, spiritual and creative selves.  We learn to manifest outwardly what we most deeply desire.

As we venture in, discover and transform, the inherent divine state of each chakra is revealed and also becomes the antidote for each core wound.

The seven Divine States are as follows…

  • Trust and Abundance in the Root Chakra

  • Sacred Pleasure and Autonomy in the Sacral Chakra

  • Self-Love and Peaceful Radiance in the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Forgiveness and Equanimity in the Heart Chakra

  • Truth and Dignity in the Throat Chakra

  • Wisdom and Divine Imagination in the Third Eye Chakra

  • Faith and Unity in the Crown Chakra

As we discover our inherent divine nature, our life can become richer, more loving, and more graceful even in a world that seems to be increasingly chaotic and challenging.

Welcome to your adventures within as you learn to heal your energy, transform pain into peace, and muck into miracles.

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Next time: In upcoming articles, we will dive more deeply into each chakra.

With love, and in service to your wellness,


CREDIT:  Photos from Jacyntha Kamor

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JACYNTHA KAMOR is devoted to discovering and drawing out each individual’s unique path and full capacity for healing through grief, trauma and crisis into remarkable new levels of personal meaning, professional growth, and spiritual awakening, all the way to states of true bliss in any situation.  She brings her lifelong natural intuitive abilities, deep care and devotion, constant research and education, along with decades of both personal and professional experience to help her high-achieving clients around the globe harmonize the whole spectrum of life, from the mystical to the material.