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Advertising Policy

All advertisements & articles on It’s My Life are meticulously curated to reflect the essence & ambience of our e-magazine  —  It’s My Life is about harmony in diversity in the different cultures, destinations & artisanal traditions from around the world.

Our ads are thoughtfully displayed in a tasteful yet non-intrusive way (no popups, for instance)…  and, as far as possible, we will carry out due diligence to ensure that the products & services advertised are as claimed.

Please note that we are still evolving our advertising policy, and will post any updates on this page.

Types of Advertisements

We currently offer three types of advertisements on It’s My Life e-magazine…


Website ads are placed in the sidebar of an article page…  or below the article.

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Email ads accompany our monthly email edition of It’s My Life, sent to our subscribers.

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Engaging stories & features that support your product or service are skillfully woven into your article.

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We offer results-based promotions and will work closely with you to achieve this.  Please email us to start a discussion.


Creative Services for Advertisers

We can provide design services to design/redesign any ads that you would like to place in It’s My Life e-magazine.

If you need someone to craft your sponsored articles… we can also help you find a writer/ghost writer that’s a harmonious fit with your article (and brand).

Contact Us

Please email us for more information regarding the various advertising opportunities & services at It’s My Life.