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be a valued member of “it’s my life” tribe…

Warm greetings to you…

I’m delighted to see you here…  and looking forward to finding great synergies for us to work together.

Let me start by sharing the essence of It’s My Life — what we stand for, what we hold dear, and how we relate to the people we work with…

Guided by the age-old Nusantara philosophy of harmony in diversity… It’s My Life views ALL peoples & cultures as a beautiful evolving panorama of our glorious, diverse & syncretic world… a global embrace & celebration of Life.

We love beautiful stories, insightful articles & captivating features at It’s My Life …and we have crafted a unique reciprocity-based package where content creators & contributors can work with us in a synergistic & reciprocal “trade in services” capacity…  and be part of a caring, sharing & supportive tribe where everyone benefits from the value-added ecosystem.

In a nutshell, here’s what the Package brings…

Your stories are beautifully presented — in well-appointed, uncluttered spaces — within a serene & uncrowded non-platform environment… a distraction-free stage where you can showcase your authenticity & value creation to a captive audience.  We will also track your stories and commit to regular feedback sessions with you to share insights + ideas on how we can improve the performance of each future piece.  Collectively, all these meticulously crafted elements — and more — converge to present a unique non-platform approach + ecosystem for you to bring your products/services to market.

Now let’s unpack this deal together, and take a closer look at the evolving suite of assets & resources that It’s My Life x Partners can bring to the tribe, to you…

“It’s My Life” Tribe of Content Creators & Contributors

Reciprocity-Based Package

1beautiful presentation + well-appointed spaces

It’s My Life is a tranquil & uncluttered space — like a peaceful Japanese tearoom — where readers can leisurely read & shop your exquisitely presented stories.

It’s My Life is also an uncrowded stage where businesses & brands can be seen and heard — where you can iterate your compelling stories to a captive audience.

Types of spaces & features:  stories  |  style edits  |  magazine ads  |  carousel ads  |  email ads

Free vs. paid:  Spaces for your stories, features & ads are free.  We may charge a fee if additional work is required to finalize your piece for publication — eg. restyle/redesign your presentation or ad, rewrite/polish your copy, image curation, etc.

Publishing schedule:  The main editions of It’s My Life + accompanying email compendiums are currently published monthly/bi-monthly.  These are interspersed with a curation of Style Edits, Sponsored Stories & Features that are published/emailed on-demand to the magazine site and mailing list.

It’s My Life is a good fit for those who cater to the lifestyle niche…

  • independent fashion & lifestyle brands — slow, handcrafted & artisanal niches

  • artists, artisans, makers, designers, creatives, authors

  • micro & small businesses with bespoke programs, products & services that support the well-being of mind, body & spirit — eg. coaching, counseling  |  destinations, travel, retreats  |  food, dining  |  health, nutrition, fitness  |  home, decor, feng shui  |  mental & spiritual wellness  |  parenting  |  style, beauty  |  etc

    Note:  Your content & offerings are resonant with It’s My Life 

2unique non-platform environment

 It’s My Life offers lifestyle SMEs & brands a unique, distraction-free non-platform marketing model that encourages, supports and enhances authenticity, value creation & brand-building.

Non-platform publishing & advertising policy:  All stories, features, promotions & ads on It’s My Life are meticulously curated, crafted and presented to reflect the essence & ambiance of our e-magazine — we do not use intrusive ads & popups.  Our lists & readership are also grown organically — we do not buy subscribers, hits, click-throughs or followers.

3tracking and feedback

Tracking & Feedback are critical tools that inform us of what’s working (or not) in our promotions or campaigns…  what improvements to make, and where/how to deploy our energy & resources moving forward.

At It’s My Life, we will share with you the Insights for each piece published/promoted in our email editions or email marketing campaigns.  We can work closely with you… allowing our Feedback mechanism & Insights to guide our next steps toward improving the performance of each future piece.

Feedback sessions:  We’re available to work closely with you, engaging in a feedback loop so that each piece or promotion that goes out is an evolved & improved iteration of previous ones.

Iterative approach:  This approach allows us to continually develop valuable insights as we improve results, letting the feedback itself guide our next steps.

4more benefits & bonuses from it’s my life x partners…

  • 40% Cashback Vouchers:  Purchase a design package from Design by Shoi… and get 40% cashback vouchers to redeem against advertising spaces on It’s My Life

    20% Cashback Vouchers:  Purchase selected creative services from It’s My Life… and get 20% cashback vouchers to redeem against your next design package from Design by Shoi

    Voucher value:  If you paid $800 for your design package, for example, you’ll get a 40% cashback voucher worth $320  |  Voucher validity:  Use vouchers within 6 months of issue date (vouchers are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative)

  • Promote for FREE to The Spiritual Realist in Business community
  • Opportunity for additional exposure when we share your features/ads/promotions to selected social media networks

  • Opportunity to participate in our Tribe of Publishers and enjoy additional member perks + wider marketing reach

Note:  We will be adding more new member perks over time.

Thanks again for dropping by and for your interest.  Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have questions or want to chat more on how we can start our reciprocal relationship.

Love & blessings…