advertising policy

All stories, articles & ads on It’s My Life are meticulously curated to reflect the essence & ambiance of our e-magazine  —  It’s My Life is about harmony in diversity across the different cultures, destinations & artisanal traditions from around the world.  It’s My Life is a tranquil space — like a peaceful Japanese tearoom — where readers can leisurely read & shop your stories.  It’s also an uncrowded stage where businesses & brands can be seen and heard — where you can tell your story to a captive audience.

Our ads are thoughtfully displayed in a tasteful yet non-intrusive way (no popups, for instance)…  and, as far as possible, we will carry out due diligence to ensure that the products & services advertised are as claimed.

Note:  We are still evolving our advertising policy, and will post any updates on this page.

features & advertisements

We offer lifestyle businesses & brands the following types of advertising spaces on It’s My Life e-magazine…


Bring your products & services alive through compelling storytelling & an engaging presentation.


Each meticulously-crafted themed Edit contains a careful curation of fashion & lifestyle products/services.


Tasteful ads that are tastefully displayed in various posts & pages throughout the e-magazine.


A well-crafted carousel display of your products or services.


Email ads accompany our email edition of It’s My Life, sent to our subscribers.

The main It’s My Life e-magazine + email editions are published every quarter (spring, summer, fall, winter).  Each main edition is interspersed with a curation of standalone Style Edits and time-sensitive/on-demand Sponsored Stories & Features.

Our non-platform and iterative approach to promotions allows us to develop valuable insights as we improve results, letting the feedback itself guide our next steps.  We will furnish you with feedback & recommendations after each round of promotions.

Get in touch with us for more information regarding the various non-platform marketing & advertising opportunities at It’s My Life.

Bonuses from It’s My Life x Partners when you purchase your Ad Space…

  • 20% Cashback Vouchers you can use to buy your next Design by Shoi package

    Voucher value:  If you purchased $800 worth of ad spaces, for example, you’ll get a cashback voucher worth $160  |  Voucher validity:  Use vouchers within 6 months of issue date (vouchers are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative)

  • Promote for FREE to The Spiritual Realist in Business community
  • Opportunity for additional exposure when we share your ads/promotions to selected social media networks
  • Opportunity to participate in our Tribe of Publishers and enjoy additional member perks

creative & support services for advertisers

Our evolving suite of creative & support services includes…


Let us rewrite, refine & reframe your copy drafts… adding the right touches of eloquence, elegance & flow to your written word.


If you need someone to craft your sponsored stories & ads… we can match you with a writer who’s a harmonious fit with your brand.


We can design/redesign any ads you would like to place in It’s My Life e-magazine.


Get a beautifully styled presentation for your story or feature on It’s My Life.


We can also design/revamp your logo, website, store, email marketing templates + other business collaterals…  to build a visually harmonious identity/image for your brand.


Our VA service can support you with the ongoing upkeep & maintenance of your WordPress websites/stores, email marketing setups & management, social media management on selected platforms, and more…