Are you frustrated with your Platform marketing?

if you are… i would like to share an alternative approach with you…

Hello dear friends

When my partner Ray & I started Nusantara Collection in 2016, we encountered many obstacles too in trying to market our lifestyle products on social media platforms.  We also saw many of our SME friends grow disillusioned, and gone back to selling their products in shopfronts, popups & exhibitions.

Yet, we still believe that there is a role for internet marketing… but only if we can build an alternative route away from the noise & confusion on the platforms today… giving brands a serene & uncrowded stage to iterate their compelling stories to a captive audience.  This was when we started to explore a way out of this maze.

In this exploration, we re-discovered email marketing… the old-style non-platform marketing of the early 2000s that had worked well then… and perhaps can work again, if adjusted to today’s realities.  (Ray has written an insightful “Marketing 101” series that I think you’ll find helpful.)

If you find resonance with what I’ve shared… please get in touch with me.  We would love to work together with you to craft an alternative non-platform promotion.  If it’s our first time working together, I suggest we start small and go slow… giving ourselves the time & space to get to know each other better with each step of the process.

P.S.  More details on our non-platform assets & approach further below.

Love & blessings…


Our non-platform promotions are suitable for those in the lifestyle niche…

  • independent fashion & lifestyle brands — slow, handcrafted & artisanal niches
  • artists, artisans, makers, designers, creatives, authors
  • micro & small businesses with bespoke programs, products & services that support the well-being of mind, body & spirit — eg. coaching, counseling  |  destinations, travel, retreats  |  food, dining  |  health, nutrition, fitness  |  home, decor, feng shui  |  mental & spiritual wellness  |  parenting  |  style, beauty  |  etc
  • your content & offerings are resonant with It’s My Life 


  • curated selection of non-platform publishing assets & promotion types — we’ll help you choose the best fit for your products (more in the next section)
  • your promotions are beautifully designed, styled & presented
  • feedback session — we will commit to working closely with you, engaging in a feedback loop, so that each promotion that goes out is an evolved & improved iteration of previous ones
  • iterative approach — that allows us to continually develop valuable insights as we improve results, letting the feedback itself guide our next steps

Note:  We do not promise you a magic bullet that delivers instant results.  Our commitment is to work closely with you… allowing our feedback mechanism & insights to guide our next steps toward improving your promotion results. 

Note:  We will try to be as flexible as possible with payment plans, and are also open to exploring other arrangements that work for you.



It’s My Life is a tranquil space — like a peaceful Japanese tearoom — where readers can leisurely read & shop your stories.  It’s also an uncrowded stage where businesses & brands can be seen and heard — where you can tell your story to a captive audience.

View samples of our promotion types:  stories / style edits / magazine ads / carousel ads / email ads

The main It’s My Life e-magazine + email edition are published every quarter (spring, summer, fall, winter)… interspersed with a curation of standalone style edits and time-sensitive features.

Note:  Promotions are centered around compelling storytelling & authenticity to enhance value creation and brand-building.  Our promotions are beautifully & harmoniously presented — we don’t use intrusive ads & popups.  Our lists/readership are grown organically — we don’t buy subscribers, hits, click-throughs or followers.


We are organically building a network of publishing partners…

  • Annie Dickinson, Wayfinding Women — retreats, travel — website | newsletter
    Annie’s newsletters will fill you with laughter & inspiration while bringing you travel tips, magical retreats, and opportunities to connect authentically with women worldwide.
  • Other publishing partners — under development

Note:  Partner publications & promotions are carefully curated for quality & integrity.  Promotions are matched to the most suitable publications/audience.