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Payment Methods2018-06-23T18:07:21+08:00

All NUSANTARA COLLECTION orders will be processed in US Dollars (USD).

We accept payment using PayPal, where you have the option to pay by PayPal balance, debit card or credit card.

At checkout, you will be directed to the PayPal site to pay for your purchase. Once this transaction is complete, you will be returned to NUSANTARACOLLECTION.COM. An order confirmation will also be emailed to you.

Your order will be processed and dispatched for shipping after we receive confirmation of payment from PayPal.

Payment Security2018-06-23T17:49:14+08:00

All payment transactions on NUSANTARACOLLECTION.COM are processed using PayPal, who will store all your financial information in a securely encrypted environment. NUSANTARA COLLECTION will never ask for, nor store, nor have access to your financial information.

Find out more about PayPal safety and security.

Website Security2018-06-23T17:55:16+08:00

To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple, and secure, NUSANTARACOLLECTION.COM uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the data you send to us over the internet. If SSL is enabled then you will see a PADLOCK ICON at the top of your browser. You can click on this icon to find out about the certificate’s registration and validity.

You will also notice that when you look at the location (URL) field at the top of the browser you will see it begin with “https” instead of the normal “http”. This means that NUSANTARACOLLECTION.COM is in secure mode.


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