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Shoi-Yean Mak

It’s My Life — Editor

Nusantara Collection — Curator


Shoi is a professional designer and an experienced project manager.  She has been marketing on the internet for two decades.

In the mid-1980s, Shoi was an admin assistant in the BBC UK’s Politics & Current Affairs News Room.  She then moved on to manage a London-based fashion house, coordinating their businesses worldwide — from manufacturing in China to retail outlets all across Europe and the US.  When she returned to Malaysia in the ’90s, she also ran her own interior design company before starting EMasters with Raymond Siew in 2002.

She currently heads Design by Shoi, a web & graphic design boutique.  Design by Shoi has been offering custom-tailored design solutions to small & micro businesses and solopreneurs in the US & Canada since 2002.  Her forte is designing elegant websites, online stores & visual branding.

Shoi also curates for the Nusantara Collection fashion & lifestyle online store.

When she’s not at her desk, Shoi indulges in her other passions:  fashion, movies, books, pretty things, her cat Angel, her son Mark.  She loves an evening out with good company, good conversation & good food —  preferably all at the same time.




Non-Platform Internet Marketing Solutions

EMasters provides an alternative suite of Non-Platform Internet Marketing Solutions to SMEs in the Lifestyle niche whose value creation/unique value propositions are currently not well-served on social media & shopping platforms…

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Web & Graphic Design Boutique

Working Mindfully & Lovingly to Provide a Haven for Those Who Appreciate Well-Conceptualized Designs, Well-Managed Projects and Timely Deliveries…  Executed Without Stress, Drama or Indifference…

Design by Shoi has been serving small & micro businesses, solopreneurs and authors since 2002.

Shoi’s mission is to provide a trusted & harmonized one-stop Design & Web Support service for business owners.  Her evolving suite of in-house offerings encompasses design (websites, graphics), e-commerce (online stores), and web support (site maintenance, and more).

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Nusantara Collection

Fashion & Lifestyle Online Store

Lovingly Curated Objects of Handcrafted Luxury…  Timeless & Accessible…

Nusantara is an alternative way to explore & shop handcrafted luxury online.  Her concept of “timeless & accessible luxury” holds no allegiance to trends or prerogatives.

Nusantara is a space of tranquility for you to leisurely discover forever favorites, modern heirlooms & investment pieces for your wardrobe, home & well-being.

You’re making mindful & meaningful purchases to treasure for years to come…  while supporting heritage craft so they do not disappear from the face of this earth.